Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sarah’s Saw Mill

Sarah’s Saw Mill: "

On a recent shoot with Sarah Ellis, we did a series in the interior of an old saw mill. With the yellow toned wood on the interior and strong light coming through the windows, we got this lovely gold toned light. However, it was pretty dark inside and I had to go up to 1000 ISO and max out the aperture to capture it. The talented Sarah was elegant in her use of the available light and use of the environment inside the old mill. There is one that I captured of her on a slab of wood resting on some old tree trunks that reminds me of an old master’s painting with the light, her pose and use of color in the image. It is one of those classic images that you pinch yourself and say, “Wow, I created that!” Can’t wait to share images from the other series we created that day!

SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2750
SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2861
SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2868
SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2881
SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2915
SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2863
SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2866
SarahE_040411_Eric Scott__MG_2907


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