Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Allinthemind: "Simon Young is one of those photographers I just had to work with before I go away. At the moment, I have a geographical awareness of places I need to get to and people I need to meet before I gallavant across continents for a few months. The trip (with my boyfriend, across continents) is still unplanned, real enough to be exciting! However, I know I'll miss modelling while I'm away and have this enormous urge to please myself and work with people I truly admire (of which there are many) before I go. Will have to get my bum in gear and contact photographers across the globe once the trip plans begin to instantiate themselves, so I don't get any withdrawal symptoms and start posing by myself in various landscapes... At the moment, we're not planning the trip until I know at least roughly where I stand with my book, which I'll be sending out for agency representation within the next week. Need to send the universe lots of good vibes to minimise the inevitable rejections all writers (apparently) have to face... (I realise this is all a bit waffly, but a lot of people have been asking me about my plans...)

Aaannyway, back to Simon. Well, it was a full day in Gloucestershire at some brilliant locations with some lovely make up (by Simon) and in beautiful evening light. Rob, who I'd worked with previously, acted as assistant extraordinaire, prime reflector holder and distractor of passers-by, and also dedictated grass-gatherer to protect my feet from sinking in the squelchiest mud imaginable. What more could you want? Of the following images, I love the first two for my portfolio, but can't decide between the rest yet and would appreciate any thoughts on which ones people like most. Hope you like them!

My Mum's Victorian-style wedding dress, as worn in 1979 and brought to life with a dash of Florence and the Machine (Simon thinks) and Wuthering Heights (I think):