Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rebecca: At Last

Rebecca: At Last: "

I first met Rebecca when we shot at Joshua Tree two years ago and travelled to New Zealand and Australia together with friends last year. I’ve shot with her several times. However, I’ve never felt that I truly captured the best of her that others have. I came close on our trip to the South Pacific with several lovely images, but still felt like I had not done the best that I could She’s a fabulous model and other great photographers have taken gorgeous images of her. So, I was always jealous of their results and it was a personal challenge to me to do the same. It’s something that we’ve talked about several times.

Ahhhhh! At Last!

She recently came to NJ for a visit. Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, we searched for the illusive image. What a fantastic way to spend Easter as we did some studio and location work. WOW! We hit it out of TWO ball parks. We did several studio sets working on some more of my continuing mask series and then played in the dark using just the light of one beauty dish fitted with a 20 percent grid as she danced with black lace, white and a sheer red fabric against a black background. I’m captivated by the way the fabric flows around her almost like water. We then visited a 19th Century village with the early Spring blooming yellow forsythia serving as a colorful backdrop. The one image of her one the porch of an old Victorian mansion is on my all time favorite list now. Her porcelain complexion and new honey blond hair is a lovely compliment and contrast to the off white porch. Almost like a visiting spectre.

Here are several images from each set as a sampler. Future blogs will share more images from each set. Rebecca….thanks for a wonderful shoot. Wow…maybe I really am a photographer after all!


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